How to save your design to Photo Roll

Your creations are automatically stored in the app. You can see them on the opening page. But you can also save them to Photo Roll.

Save Method 1:

On the opening screen select your design. Then click ‘Share’. If you click ‘Share’ you can see two ways for saving your design: you can save the whole part or you can save it without a background. Choose one of them. Then you tap ‘Save Image’ icon and your design is saved to Photo Roll.

Saving Method 2:

You can save your image when you are at the editing screen. Tap ‘Share’ icon in right upper corner.


  1. Connie

    When I try to save my finished work to the camera roll it shows up all black except for the coloured letters,what a I doing wrong?

    1. Laszlo Gera

      I guess you saved your work in transparent mode (without background). If so, not to worry if it shows up with a black background in Photo Roll, it’s still transparent. It is a specialty of Photo Roll we don’t know why.

  2. Jaclyn

    Can you edit your saved work from another device?

  3. Sammy

    Hello! I can’t get my work to save. The AirDrop function doesn’t seem to work at all and I’m just stuck on the cropping screen?

    1. Laszlo Gera

      If you are on cropping screen tap Share button on the right top of the corner.

      1. Curtis 7

        I have the same issue and at the crop screen the share button does nothing.

  4. Leslie

    In print preview it shows as whole page, then when I print it shrinks the image to 1/4 of the page. Any solutions?

    1. appfever

      The app is not for printing purposes so printing option is not yet supported. We’ll see if we can add print feature in one of our next updates.

  5. Jerry Ropero

    Dear Sirs,
    would there be a possibility to export the logo in HD?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Laszlo Gera

      Hi Jerry, the highest resolution is 1634×2448.

      1. Cuong Mai

        Hi laszlo,
        Just wondering if u can save it on a PDF file when finished? For Higher resolutions printing.

        1. appfever

          Unfortunately, there is no PDF support in our current version. The highest res is 70dpi.

  6. Lisa Lancelot

    I am trying to email my project. From main screen, I have: chosen project, choose ‘share,’ choosing either JPG or PNG, then the send button doesn’t do anything. I am sure it’s user error, but what am I doing wrong?

    1. Laszlo Gera

      Hi, after choosing your file type (JPG or PNG), you get to the Crop Page. Here tap Share button again and then you should see a so-called ‘activity view’ where you can choose Apple Mail (make sure your Mail Account is activated on your device).

  7. Star

    Hi…. I have created my design with white writing and white badges and chose a transparent background so that I could print on to black card but the design and text are not showing up does anyone know why ?

    1. Laszlo Gera

      Hi, our apps are not tested for printing (there is no printing feature added to our apps). We may add that feature in one of our future updates.

  8. Ricardo Benevides

    How can I save my work in PSD, without using Creative Cloud? I work with Photoshop but I do not use creative cloud. Would it be possible to export to Dropbox? Thanks

    1. appfever

      We integrated Adobe official Creative Cloud software in our app so PSD files can be used only through Creative Cloud.

  9. Anne

    Is there any way to have the created poster in 300 dpi as a higher resolution as it is now? If i want to have this poster printed it needs a higher resolution.

    1. appfever

      Currently, our app supports only 70dpi. We plan to support a higher resolution in one of our future updates.

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