How to put a shadow on an artwork or delete it

You can put shadow on your selected badge, decoration and font. First click on ‘Edit’ button on the toolbar. Then click ‘Shadow’. With moving the circle you can position your shadow easily. Then you can change the color of the shadow if you choose a color from your color bar.

If you change your mind and you want to delete the shadow make sure you select shadow again first.

1. select the artwork, 2. tap ‘Edit’ and ‘Shadow’ again, 3. Tap ‘Trash can’ icon on the navigation bar.

If you tap ‘Trash can’ without selecting shadow mode, you delete your artwork. So make sure: if you want to delete shadow, you have to select shadow again first and then you can delete it.


  1. Liz

    Love these apps .So cool

    1. Laszlo Gera

      Thank you!

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