Editing basics – How to Start

Your design consist of 4 main parts: background, badge, decoration and fonts.

Start off by choosing a background or import your own. Then pick a badge to be your focal point.

You can decorate the rest of the page with a wide variety of ornaments and other accessories, which can be moved, resized, and rotated with common gestures.

Layers can be locked in place, and you can add text over the top of any part of your design. Your final creation can be used as a wallpaper, or you can export it with a transparent background and use it as a logo.


  1. Amie

    How do I make the badges bigger?

    1. appfever

      Hey Amie, use pinch gesture

  2. Som

    How to font size and height to fit badge

    1. appfever

      Hi, use pinch gesture.

  3. Azalea

    Can I add an additional text box?

    1. Laszlo Gera

      Yes, deselect your text box and tap Font button again.

  4. Katelyn

    I’m trying to make a logo for a dog company and when I’m adding the dogs I want it leaves a white background from the picture. How do I get rid of that and just crop out the dog itself?

    1. Laszlo Gera

      Write here so we can help:

  5. Rob Jowers

    How do I remove an applied overlay completely?

    1. appfever

      Tap overlay button again, then tap Basket Bin icon (delete) on the navigation bar.

  6. William

    Can design be landscape?

    1. appfever

      No, not yet.

  7. Mike

    How do I make the log a vector

    1. appfever

      Hi, vector is not supported in our apps.

  8. Kathleen

    I do wish that the work space could be horizontal. It’s a better way to work some of the time as you know being artists yourselves. Both ways would be even better. Also have not found a way to flip vertically just horizontal. Otherwise fun an helpful.

  9. Cynthia

    Can you mirror/flip text for transfer printing?

    1. appfever

      Not yet. You can flip other artworks but not text. We’ll see if can add that feature too with our next update

  10. ohm

    How can I import my own fonts?

    1. Laszlo Gera

      E-mail the font to your e-mail address (make sure it is TTF or OTF format and not zipped). Tap on the font in the Mail App to download it and tap on it again to open it. Tap on ‘Open in Vintage Design’ (or Hand Drawn) and your imported font appears at the beginning of the font list.

      We’ll add other importing methods with our upcoming update.

  11. Richard Peej

    Can I import my own graphics, pictures etc?

    1. appfever

      Yes, if you select a background, badge or decoration, there is an Import Images button, tap that.

  12. Kay Challis

    How do you add text to badges?

    1. appfever

      Hi, tap ‘Font’ and if you choose the font you want to use, the text box appears.

  13. theresa

    hello, is there a way to curve the font around a badge so that it follows the shape of the badge?

    1. appfever

      Yes, it is possible. 1. select the text you want to curve by tapping on it, 2. tap ‘Edit’ and then ‘Curve’

  14. Vartan assadourian

    Hi . Great app. Can you please tell me how to select and move a specific element if my design . When I try to grab and move one element , it grabs and moves another. How can I make my selections more precise? Thanks

    1. appfever

      Check version 2.1, it is now available. We improved element selection in this update. It’s more easy to make precise movements with pinch gesture. Plus we introduced Fine Tune with which you can make fine adjustments. 1. Select an object, 2. tap ‘Edit’, 3. tap ‘Fine Tune’

  15. peter

    Great App when I enter text I want to add a 2nd line of text under the first line. I cannot find a way of doing this please advise?

    1. appfever

      You have to tap Font button again if you want to add a second line of text.

  16. Christine

    Hi, how can I add pictures on my “photo library “ so I can use them on my flyer?

    1. appfever

      Hi, you can add images from your Photo Library as a background, badge or decoration. If you start a new design, tap ‘Background’ (if you want to add your image as a background), then tap ‘Import Images’.

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