What is on the opening screen?

When you first open your app, you can only see a text ‘Click anywhere to start’. If you do so, you get to the editing screen and start creating.

But what is the purpose of the opening screen then? Well, this opening page is where your finished or unfinished creations are stored. If you are in the middle of creation and click ‘Back’ button, you get back to the opening screen and you can find the thumbnails of all your designs. If you select one of them, you can delete, duplicate, share it or by clicking ‘Edit’ you can continue editing it.


  1. Britt

    How do I get rid of an overlay? Also, can you copy and paste artwork into another design?

    1. appfever

      To remove overlay tap overlay button again and dustbin icon (delete) on the top. Copy and paste is not supported yet.

  2. Keiara

    How do I obtain the badge pack I purchased?

    1. Laszlo Gera

      Hi, if you don’t see the packs you purchased, restore your purchase. How to do it:
      – make sure your wifi connection is strong
      – tap shopping basket icon on My Gallery
      – tap ‘Restore’

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